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2 Measure the Social Effect

2 Measure the Social Effect

Measuring the efficacy of your marketing efforts in relation to sales conversions allows you to determine what is working now and what is not. Pop culture and social media are moving faster than the speed of strange and successful strategies are burning out in record time. Translation, what works today may not tomorrow.

We are in a constant state of innovation, measurement, iteration and course correction.

Assessing how different channels drive traffic to your homepage, acquire fans and generate revenue through sales allows you to streamline your efforts in the social networks and communities that are most responsive to your marketing efforts.

After each campaign establish benchmarks to measure the next against and improve every touch point that yields conversions to sales.

Social networks have proprietary analytics tools, employ these along with third party metrics providers like Google, Seevolution and Radian6.

With each successive campaign you’ll gain deeper insight into what resonates with your audience now and into the near future, enabling you to predict with greater accuracy what strategies will be successful down the line.

Experiment with different segments of your fan base tweaking your strategies and repeating your successes. Above all engage.

  1. This is great! I find using Google Analytics “Goal” feature considerable, quite essential for insights and gathering data for selective pages. I have also just embedded Seevolution. Quite the tool for live metrics and streamlines. Great blog, another RT!!

    • Thanks Tony! Google’s “Goal” feature is a major asset. Have fun with Seevolution.

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