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2 Optimize Your Media

Social Media Optimization Social media optimization is essential to generating sales. Taking the time to title, describe and tag the social objects on your site and social profiles pays off in conversions to sales and higher search rankings. Referrals from search engines are a key source of […]

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7 Steps to Establishing Your Band with Social Media

Social Media provides unprecedented marketing opportunities for artists/bands. We have entered an era where the labels have neither the budgets nor personnel for artist development. Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen, arguably two of the greatest and most successful artists of all time, would not survive their first […]

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Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization SMO is the act of aligning titles, keywords and descriptions with social objects to better the connection of one’s content within social networks to correspond with the keywords people type in search engines so your content is easily found by those who seek it. […]

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2 Measure the Social Effect

Measuring the efficacy of your marketing efforts in relation to sales conversions allows you to determine what is working now and what is not. Pop culture and social media are moving faster than the speed of strange and successful strategies are burning out in record time. Translation, […]

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Permission 2 Engage

We are now in the era of permission marketing where consumers grant brands and the marketers who represent them permission to engage. With the birth of television came the TV industrial complex. A system of sales and marketing where corporations would buy air time on all three […]

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Social media has unleashed the anthropological nature of man. Once again, we live in a world of tribes. There are tribes for every human interest. Some are corporate, some are beautiful, some love beer and others music. There’s even a tribe that watches fully dressed women blow […]

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Zombies Love 2 Share on Facebook

Dan Zarella is an award winning, Zombie loving Social Media Scientist who studies social media behavior from a data-backed position providing key insights for best current practices in SMM. Dan’s analysis provides key insights into how, what and why people share content on facebook. Let’s start with […]

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Social 2 Noise

As the signal to noise ratio widens marketers respond by increasing the number of messages they send through the pipe leaving consumers to wade through the social distortion in search something of value. We are firmly ensconced in the era of permission marketing where consumers have more […]

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