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Your iPhone is Tracking You As You Read This!

Apple’s operating software on the iPad and iPhone runs an app that tracks its user’s movements IRL and then uploads that information when it syncs to their computer? WTF? I’d expect this from Darth Vader but Apple? Oh wait, no that makes sense. “Security researchers have discovered […]

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Facebook Page Marketing & North Social

Content drives engagement on Facebook. Develop a content creation strategy that is realistic and achievable and simplify the process by creating a content calendar to help you maintain a release schedule that supports your sales and marketing goals. Each post should be specific to your page, short […]

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Community Management 3.0 is the Nu Sex

The roll of Community Manager albeit relatively new to the corporate realm, is amongst the most valuable in a company’s social media program. They are the front line of engagement for the brands they represent. However, all too often companies assign an intern or entry-level employee the […]

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