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Bravo Starbucks, Cheers to Your Java!

Starbucks Cards Mobile App

Starbucks is a social media innovator. The coffee giant seamlessly bridges the gap between customers’ online and IRL (in real life) experiences, enhancing the brand’s relationships with consumers with every exchange.

QR codes, mobile apps, social media and points of sale form a powerful system of customer engagement, retention and sales when properly designed and executed. Enter ‘My Starbucks Rewards’ program.

Customers earn a Star for every purchase made with a registered Starbucks Card. 5 Stars delivers Green status which gives users:

  • a free birthday drink
  • syrup or soymilk on the house
  • free refills
  • buy beans and get a beverage

30 Stars gets Gold status:

  • all benefits of Green
  • free drink every 15 Stars
  • very own personalized Gold Card (love this touch)
  • special members offers

Starbucks ties it all together with their iPhone and Android mobile apps and direct-to-fan engagement via social media channels. Once a consumer registers their card and downloads the mobile app they can:Starbucks My Card

  • manage their Starbucks card balance
  • reload their card
  • track their progress in rewards program
  • geo locate the Starbucks nearest you
  • keep track your favourite drinks, your friends’ too
  • search jobs at Starbucks
  • explore the world of coffee

When performed in concert the result is a sales cycle that integrates the POS with social media/mobile apps, earns new customers and rewards existing ones while providing interest based content relevant to all parties. Bravo Starbucks, cheers to your Java!

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