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Facebook Launches New Coupon Feature For Local Businesses

Facebook recently introduced its new offers product for business pages. Currently available in the US, the new feature allows local business pages to create coupons to share with customers via the new timeline and it’s free to use. It is expected that Facebook will rollout the product […]

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Bravo Starbucks, Cheers to Your Java!

Starbucks is a social media innovator. The coffee giant seamlessly bridges the gap between customers’ online and IRL (in real life) experiences, enhancing the brand’s relationships with consumers with every exchange. QR codes, mobile apps, social media and points of sale form a powerful system of customer engagement, […]

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9 Awesome Ways Bands Can Enhance Their Email Campaigns

Email marketing is a remarkably effective sales tool for solo artists and bands at any level. Optimizing your email campaigns will have a positive affect on sales, cultivate loyalty among fans and increase the size of your audience in the social web. Right off the top some […]

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What Social Media Marketers Can Learn From the Marx Brothers

The Marx Brother’s career spanned several decades and multiple mediums, from vaudeville and broadway to print, radio, film and television. They seamlessly traversed mediums and continuously expanded their fan base with engaging content that hit all the right notes. The Brothers were adept at using myriad mediums […]

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Who Are Your Buyer Personas?

The most important steps in any marketing plan are establishing the business goals for your organization, segmenting your buyers into groups and learning as much as you can about them. This process will give you the information you’ll need to design marketing programs that resonate with each […]

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Top 3 Reasons to Fire Your Web Designer

1). They’re holding your site hostage. We are now in the CMS (content management system) era of web platforms where just about anyone can create new pages, update content or make rudimentary changes to websites. If your site was not setup on a CMS and your web […]

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Weapon of Influence, Why Reciprocity Rules

As a species, we possess triggers that we are almost powerless to resist and we respond to these triggers in specific and predictable ways. Knowing first, that these triggers exist and second how we are likely to respond is of immense value to salesmen and marketers alike. […]

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Don’t Be A Weiner

After ten days of denial Anthony Weiner, the U.S. Representative for New York’s 9th congressional district admitted to lewd and inappropriate behavior via one of the world’s most prominent social media platforms. I love Twitter! It never fails to amuse us here at Gruv Media when people […]

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Social Objections 2 Sex on Facebook

Social objects are content or media (blogs, newsletter, pics, podcasts, videos, etc.) that induce a response in the forms of likes, shares, follows, retweets, diggs and comments in the various social networks and communities online. Social objects orbit the web like homing beacons driving traffic to their […]

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