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Privacy in the Digital Age

The social web is founded on human interactions which by the nature of Internet based communications occur in a very public realm. The fundamental and mutual understanding behind putting yourself ‘out there’ via what you post on social channels is that you want people to like, comment

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How Facebook Fans Can Opt-In To Receive 100% of Posts from Pages

There was a lot of chatter surrounding last year’s Facebook update that limited the number of fans who received posts from pages that they had actively liked and therefore opted-in to. Many marketers cried foul as they perceived this action as the ultimate bait and switch as

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Facebook Makes Running Contests Easier

Terms of Service Update Facebook has updated its terms of service to allow pages to run contests and collect fan entries without the use of third party apps (pagemondo, votigo, shortstack, etc.) by allowing fans to like or comment on a page’s post, message a page or

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What Are Facebook Stickers and How Do I Send One?

Facebook stickers are illustrations of fun characters that are essentially a 2.0 version of emoticons that you can send to friends to let them know how you’re feeling. The feature is currently available to some Facebook users and is expected to be rolled out to everyone soon.

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Facebook to Introduce Video Ads to News Feeds

Since going public a year ago Facebook has been focused on generating Ad revenue with sponsored and promoted posts, Facebook Ads and has recently announced the introduction of Video Ads. Testing will begin with various brands on Facebook’s Client Council who will begin rolling out 15 second

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6 Things We Love About Facebook’s News Feed Updates

Facebook recently announced that almost 50% of News Feed content is visual (images and video) resulting in a redesigned photo centric feed that is more vibrant and visually appealing than the current version.                 Our 6 favourite features of Facebook’s News Feed

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Facebook Introduces Graph Search

Facebook’s Search Function to date has been well, um how shall we put this – a tad less than stellar. To remedy this the world’s most popular social network recently announced Graph Search! Graph Search is powered by Microsoft’s Bing which makes sense considering Bing includes Facebook

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Facebook Is Testing New Coupon ‘Offers’ For Ecommerce Businesses!

Last week Facebook introduced a new coupon feature for local businesses as a way for brick-and-mortar operations to generate a higher return on investment from their use of the platform. TechCrunch recently discovered that Facebook is also testing this coupon ‘offer’ with e-commerce sites, opening the feature

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Facebook Launches New Coupon Feature For Local Businesses

Facebook recently introduced its new offers product for business pages. Currently available in the US, the new feature allows local business pages to create coupons to share with customers via the new timeline and it’s free to use. It is expected that Facebook will rollout the product

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