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Facebook Is Testing New Coupon ‘Offers’ For Ecommerce Businesses!

Last week Facebook introduced a new coupon feature for local businesses as a way for brick-and-mortar operations to generate a higher return on investment from their use of the platform.

TechCrunch recently discovered that Facebook is also testing this coupon ‘offer’ with e-commerce sites, opening the feature to web-based businesses. Great news for web based companies, even better for brands that offer e-commerce and in-store sales.

While Facebook ‘offers’ for e-commerce is currently in the test phase and not available beyond the testing bracket, Facebook is working with select clients like Walmart and Lady Gaga’s online store to test the new feature and its functionality. Macy’s was the first to introduce the ‘offer’ to its audience in April and the results were outstanding. They offered Facebook fans a 25% discount for purchases over $100 – more than 40,000 fans claimed the coupon!

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Facebook ‘offers’ are an innovative way to bridge the gap between consumers’ social media activities and brand’s POS and will be a key driver of sales for companies that use the platform effectively. Coupon ‘offers’ will be able in Facebook ads, sponsored stories and fans’ newsfeeds.

The offers are easy-to-use and are setup the same way as the brick-and-mortar offers:

  1. click “offer” at the top of your page’s Timeline
  2. choose a headline
  3. select a thumbnail
  4. set your redemption limit and expiration date
  5. input the terms and conditions of your offer
  6. preview to ensure that it appears exactly the way you want it to in your Timeline Facebook ads and sponsored stories.

Be sure to inform your staff and give advance notice for when the offer will be in play to avoid any awkward moments between your employees and loyal customers when Facebook fans arrive to redeem the offer.

The Extra Mile

Facebook goes the extra mile by sending users a message on Facebook and to their email inbox once an ‘offer’ is claimed.

Check out this screenshot courtesy of TechCrunch of an offer that Kate Spade ran for 25% off purchases online and in stores.

Facebook Coupons E-Commerce

















At the top it gives your consumers clear instructions on how to redeem the offer either by showing the email to a staff member, printing it out or displaying it to an employee from their mobile phone.

For businesses that don’t have brick-and-mortar locations the process is even easier, no direct employee interaction or training necessary. Simply incorporate the new coupon code into your e-commerce system and you’re good to go.

P.S. For a free consult on how social media can benefit your business, contact Grüv Media.

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