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Facebook to Enhance Ad Targeting Based on Users’ Web Browsing Data


Facebook is revising its privacy policy to allow the use of users’ web browsing history to enhance ad targeting on the platform. Previously, the social network only used information related to content and brand pages users had ‘liked’ on Facebook to deliver ads based on topics that may interest them. The new policy takes Facebook’s ad targeting practices to a level on par with Yahoo and Google.

When it comes to privacy, the tech industry is divided into two camps; those that track users’ web browsing data and those who do not. Google, Yahoo and soon Facebook fall into the former category giving advertisers and consumers alike better ad targeting and delivery experiences while Twitter and Pinterest are in the latter camp for now.

Facebook has stated that users can opt-out of having their private data incorporated into their ad targeting algorithms if they are not comfortable with the social network sharing their data with advertisers.

All’s fair in love and advertising!

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