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6 Things We Love About Facebook’s News Feed Updates

Facebook recently announced that almost 50% of News Feed content is visual (images and video) resulting in a redesigned photo centric feed that is more vibrant and visually appealing than the current version.

Facebook News Feed A/B current versus new versions









Our 6 favourite features of Facebook’s News Feed updates are:

1). Photo albums have been revamped to increase sharing of content on the platform.

Photo Albums Revamped on Facebook new News Feed
















2). Shared articles feature a larger image, more demonstrative title and longer article summary.

Shared articles feature a larger image on Facebook's updated News Feed










3). Stories shared by brands or individuals will pull elements from that page or user’s Timeline to personalize the content and frame it in a more appealing context through positive association via familiarity.

 Stories shared by brands and individuals have more associated elements







4). Content shared via third-party platforms/apps like Pinterest is displayed in a more pronounced fashion.

Pinterest rocks the casbah








5). Video content takes center stage and is displayed much larger.

Video content appears much larger in Facebook's updated news feed














6). Facebook’s updated News Feed allows users to control the content in their feed by specifying which sources they wish to receive updates from: friends/family, interests, brands, businesses and public figures they follow.

Currently 30% of the content in the News Feed is from Facebook pages in the form of updates and sponsored/promoted posts. The new version gives users the ability to filter branded messages out completely.

Choice of feeds in facebook's updated news feed


Facebook marketers will have to focus more intently on delivering great content that fans love and want to share with their friends instead of relying on Facebook ads to reach their target audience and generate sales.

Overall we believe the updated News Feed will improve the user experience and further enhance the way brands engage fans on the platform.

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