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Instagram Introduces New Tools With 6.0

Instagram enhances the skills of smartphone photographers the world over with its new suite of tools available in Version 6.0. Previously relying heavily on the app’s filters for photo enhancement, the update features improvements to standard crop, tilt-shift and straighten tools with the welcome addition of 10 new editing features.

The Slider 

The main attraction of Version 6.0 is the introduction of ‘the slider’ which gives users more editing control. It can be used to increase/decrease the magnitude of filters and effects and is activated when the first effect is applied.

What’s New

Professional editors will recognize a number of these new features which Instagram users are sure to enjoy:

  • contrast
  • highlights
  • shadow
  • brightness
  • warmth
  • saturation
  • adjust (combines cropping and straightening)
  • vignette

Go forth, create great content and most of all have fun!

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