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Mobile Internet Trends In 2014

Mobile Internet Trends In 2014

Kleiner Perkins 2014 Internet Trends Report reveals some interesting findings about advertising as the movement toward mobile continues, presenting limitless potential in mobile advertising, cryptocurrency, messaging apps and innovative services like Tinder, Alibaba and BuzzFeed.

Kleiner Perkins’ main points on advertising in 2014’s mobile digital realm:

  • Mobile data traffic grew by more than 81%
  • 25% of total Web usage is via mobile (up from 14% in 2013)
  • Mobile advertising growth is up 47%.
  • Mobile now makes up 11% of all advertising on the Internet
  • Google, Facebook, and Twitter lead in ad revenue
  • There is still too much advertising in print, but lots of potential with mobile advertising
  • Mobile app revenue trumps mobile ad revenue, making up 68% of all mobile monetization

As far as traditional media goes Kleiner Perkins states there are major changes pending in all areas as print, TV and news go mobile.

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