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Privacy in the Digital Age

Privacy in the Digital Realm

The social web is founded on human interactions which by the nature of Internet based communications occur in a very public realm.

The fundamental and mutual understanding behind putting yourself ‘out there’ via what you post on social channels is that you want people to like, comment and share your content to achieve greater exposure which in turn garners further engagement and more happy time with ‘friends’.

Expectation of privacy is the hot topic of the digital age. Exacerbated by whistle blowers like Snowden stating the NSA and other government agencies have either forced, influenced or conspired with ISPs, Google, Facebook and the usual cast of social networks that all of our communications are being monitored. This is very likely true.

The standard cries of outrage ensue and Facebook users post what they believe are statements that protect their content, communications and basic right to privacy via copyright which is let’s say ‘interesting’.

The point of this blog is not to delve into the great debate about whether or not governments have the right to monitor their citizens’ communications to thwart terrorist attacks or spy on foreign nations but to manage your expectations of personal privacy in the digital realm.

If you were born before let’s say 1990 then it’s safe to say the level of personal privacy you experienced growing up no longer exists. Let me clarify… if you communicate via mobile phone, email, social networks, text or the Internet then the level of privacy you grew up with is but a glimmer of a memory fading in the recesses of your subconscious. This is one of those things you may simply have to ‘let go’.

The Internet generation has developed a completely accurate sense of their personal privacy in relation to their communications in the digital age. They understand that the point of origin starts with you. If there is something you want to remain private then don’t put it out there. It’s that simple. It takes restraint, cognisance, control and discipline to maintain the privacy you desire but it’s possible and within your control. All you have to do is remember that everything you say can and will be used against you in the court of public opinion.

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