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Social 2 Noise

As the signal to noise ratio widens marketers respond by increasing the number of messages they send through the pipe leaving consumers to wade through the social distortion in search something of value.

We are firmly ensconced in the era of permission marketing where consumers have more than rights, they have control and it’s the marketers responsibility to continue to provide them with great content to keep the channel open, less they be unliked, unfollowed and unfriended.

Create great content with built in value and respect the intelligence of your audience. Take the time to understand and build upon their interests. Find out what they want to know and tell them.

Social networks are dynamic, keep your content fresh. The current rate of media consumption is unprecedented and is increasing as you read this. If you want to build your audience, engage your fans and they will become advocates of your brand sharing your content across the Social Web.

Start conversations on your fan page, respond to every comment and give them props by calling out their names and commenting on their activity. Engage your key advocates with posts that ask questions, reveal exclusive content and calls-to-action that are simple, easy and fun.

Quality engagement earns respect over time. Focus on creating great content and your audience will find you.

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