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Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization
SMO is the act of aligning titles, keywords and descriptions with social objects to better the connection of one’s content within social networks to correspond with the keywords people type in search engines so your content is easily found by those who seek it.

The official name you apply to social objects. The idea is to design your titles to capture attention immediately and in turn induce sharing of that object across the social graphs of those who encounter it. The headline must contain keywords users are searching.

Here is your chance to frame the social object. Use the description to entice viewers to share, further their interest in your brand and enhance the quality of the experience through heightened engagement. Use keywords that target your audience and relate to your brand.

Tags are keywords relating to your brand and audience that describe the content through corresponding phrases, labels and expressions.

SMO positively impacts your SEO efforts and plays a key role in increasing the search rankings of your site.

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  1. Awesome Blog, I love how to the point you are about things! Now if people would simply follow your advice! 

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