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Top 3 Reasons to Fire Your Web Designer

1). They’re holding your site hostage.

We are now in the CMS (content management system) era of web platforms where just about anyone can create new pages, update content or make rudimentary changes to websites. If your site was not setup on a CMS and your web designer takes weeks to implement changes, drop the hammer down and liberate yourself from their tyrannical reign.You Know You Want to Fire This Guy

2). You’re paying SEO Retainers Fees. SEO has changed a lot in recent years with Google, Bing and Yahoo! implementing social search to their algorithms drastically changing how results are delivered. Social search incorporates your activities on social networks and your relationships with others in those networks, their likes, recommendation, so on and so forth personalizing search results and ending the era of static rankings.

A number of web designers incorporate monthly SEO fees into their proposals that are a kin to highway robbery. Often times thousands of dollars per month to ‘maintain top page rankings on Google.’ Well riddle me this, if search results are now personalized how do you plan on accomplishing this? If you’re paying these types of fees to your current web master, cease immediately and commence with a strong social media program for your business.

3). They’re not mobile. The web is fully mobile and in order to service your consumers and be competitive in the market you must have a mobile version of your site. If this is beyond your current designer’s skill set then find one who is ready, willing and able. Oh, and Flash is out of date and an SEO killer.

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  1. Loved this, it’s so true and I’m so tired of people trying to take you for all you are worth. Where are all the honest people in this business. Thanks Gruv!! 

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