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Twitter Tests Promoted Video Ads

Twitter Tests Promoted Video Ads

Twitter is experimenting with promoted videos in hopes of expanding its ad services and boosting revenue. The social network’s video beta tests offers a variety of tools to help content producers incorporate and track the ROI of the new ad format.

Twitter execs are eager to see how users respond to ‘Promoted Videos’ appearing in their feeds and are optimistic about the new promotional service.

Facebook has featured video ads for some time now and have demonstrated success with the format. The difference between Facebook’s video ads and Twitter’s is that Facebook’s video ads are set to ‘auto-play’ while users will need to click on Twitter’s video ads in order to view them offering a semi-interruption based strategy that will likely have more user appeal than Facebook’s model.

Promoted Video Ads include a comprehensive suite of analytics for advertisers to gauge user engagement and will only pay when users click on the ads.

Partners interested in participating in the beta test phase are urged to contact their account representatives for details.

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