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What Social Media Marketers Can Learn From the Marx Brothers

The Marx BrothersThe Marx Brother’s career spanned several decades and multiple mediums, from vaudeville and broadway to print, radio, film and television. They seamlessly traversed mediums and continuously expanded their fan base with engaging content that hit all the right notes.

The Brothers were adept at using myriad mediums in concert to support their endeavors and this is what savvy social media marketers are doing today.

When creating a content strategy for a new client, first consider the audience and the forms of media they prefer to consume. Then, consider the ways you can increase the longevity and scope of one form of content by offering it in several mediums.

For example; you can generate a podcast from a video interview and then feature its transcription in a blog post and schedule the release of all three over the period of 7 days. By offering the same content in multiple mediums you extend its reach, maximize its potential and engage your audience in the formats they enjoy.

Experiment, have fun and above all, engage!

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