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Why Great Content Trumps Promoted Posts

The Babe at Bat

When Facebook rolled out its promoted posts ad revenue program last year the reception from marketers in the social web was mixed. Some companies embraced the feature and saw it as an opportunity to reach a boarder audience while others were dismayed at the significant dip in the percentage of their fan base their regular non-sponsored posts were suddenly receiving (15% – 25% as opposed to the previous total fan base).

The thing about promoted posts is they are interruption based and hang at the top of your newsfeed like an unwanted guest for what seems like days. Not a great way to earn fans and influence people and there is a cost associated which may not always be in the budget.

Great content on the other hand… you know the type that people actually love, adopt as their own and share freely across social channels converts friends to fans and fans to loyal customers in ways that are genuine and cool.

Of course, great content is not easy to create especially when trying to accurately position your brand and engage and entertain your fan base but when you hit a home run the results are profound and far more powerful than promoted posts or sponsored tweets.

When the audience knows you’ve paid to play the response is lacklustre because you haven’t earned their attention – you’ve bought it out right in fact you’ve forced it upon them. Remember muting television commercials back in the day?

When choosing a social media partner for your brand focus on the agency’s creative ability in terms of developing original and effective campaigns and strategies designed to earn the attention of your fans and convert them to customers through great content and genuine engagement.

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